Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eagles Everywhere

 My friends Tom and Linda have welcomed me with open arms, fed me, patched up a cut I managed to give myself, and Tom patiently waiting as I shot at least 600 Eagle photos.  I also have photos of cardinals and a variety of other fowl and architecture.

There was no way I could choose just one so I have put a few over on my Flickr account -  Enjoy the ones here, but take a minute to visit the other site.

I went to the "Eagle Weekend" in Keokuk, Iowa last weekend - evidently the Eagles didn't know it was Eagle Weekend because they have all been hanging out in Burlington.

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  1. Beautiful! The photos I've seen from you show the eagle's personality. Head down when they go for a meal and the wings positioned behind their backs. Soaring their heads are high and wings out to the sides. Thanks for sharing these.