Monday, August 30, 2010

Portraits Using Flash

R. Allen

I was working with lighting and backdrops and had no one to pose - so, I posed my self.  That's a bit challenging to get, not only the lights right, but to sit in the right place, smile, and remember to keep my head down to avoid glare in my glasses.  I shot at least 100 photos until I got 3 that were ok - which turned into the one above [I didn't dress up].   I was rescued by Andrea, my oldest step daughter who agreed to sit and pose while I putzed...  much better looking than the original subject!!

Andrea Beth

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  1. Outstanding! I think you did an excellent job with both of them. Soft, even lighting with full coverage, good focus and DOF. Great lighting on the second shot too. I love the contrast between the 2 sides of her face and how the smile line on her right side is highlighted. Nicely done!