Thursday, April 1, 2010


A satisfied diner. I'm enjoying the bird feeder probably more than the birds. I think I'll investigate a feeder that will attract humming birds.
(Click on the photo to view a larger image).


  1. What a beautiful shot!!! It certainly says "Spring."I bet you would love a hummingbird feeder. (put out 2 small ones) Recipe is one part sugar to 4 parts boiling water. Dissolve and store extra in fridge. needs to be changed every few days in hot weather. Late summer go to 3 parts water. they need the extra energy for trip south and it is like the real nectar supply in flowers that gets thicker and stronger late summer. Enjoy--I'm sure we will all reap the benefits of your shots!!

  2. Great photo, Robert. The birds are definately FUN to watch and take photo's of!!
    I have learned over the past few years when it comes to feeding the hummingbirds....the cheaper the feeder and the plainer the feeder the better. I bought a couple of fancy feeders that were beautiful but the hummingbirds just wouldn't use them! Good luck!!