Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fist Day of Spring

"Ok - I thought this was the first day of spring.  My feet are cold."
(Click on the photo to view  a larger image).


  1. Great pic of the first day of spring! I chatted on the computer with my Grandma in Des Moines this morning and she told me she got four inches of new snow!! so much for spring!!
    Hope it melts soon and spring really does come and STAY!!

  2. The perfect first day of spring photo - NOT! :)

    There were 7 robins cavorting in our back yard last night...sure wish I could have gotten a pic of them. I've never seen that many all grouped together.

    Love this shot, Robert!

  3. Oh, and we've got plenty of snow this morning too. Ugh.

  4. Snow down here in Burlington,IA too. At least the Panthers are red hot!!! Go Northern IA

  5. Outstanding, this one speaks volumes.

  6. I love this shot! The robin looks like it's enjoying the warm sunshine. They are such cute birds!