Friday, April 17, 2009

More Peppers

More peppers - I used Photoshop to isolate each color. Here is the series. I suppose I could have stretched this into 4 days worth of pictures - but, what fun is that? My favorite is the green as it is a crisper black and white. Yours...?
(Click on a photo to view a larger image).


  1. I'm liking the yellow the most! What would look cool is to hang a non-red selection near the wall where you put all of your other red appliance pics. I realize that was what appeared to be the small area over your cabinets but I still think it would be cool hang it!

    I started to work with selective colorization last evening on a jelly bean photo I have but then decided sleep was going to win out.

  2. wow cool shots and colour effects!! How does this work in PS? (I´m new with my PS)

    Love the yellow one most (the third shot)

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Very cool. I have Photoshop Elements 7.0...not PS yet. I haven't really had the time to even sit down and try to work with it.
    Maybe a class would get me motivated.
    Awesome photo's Robert. Have a great weekend

  4. I like the one with the yellow pepper in the middle, but they are all neat. And I second Dot's suggestion!

  5. I think I agree with Sujomi, I like the one with the yellow pepper in the middle the best. All great though! I haven't messed with PS too much lately (elements).... need to dig back into it. It seems to be so time-consuming though, and I find I can get sidetracked so easily.

  6. Now this is a really cool series of shots. I like it. I came across your 365 blog and I gotta say you've got some nice shots. Do you mind if I link to your blog on my 365? Mine's located at