Friday, March 20, 2009


I had heard that there were Eagles near a lake in Waterloo and thought I'd go out and take a picture. Perhaps I thought that since they are our national symbol, that they would just strike a pose. Well... no Eagles - but I did see a gull, a hawk, a robin and a sparrow. I wasn't about to come home without any pictures, so here are 4 bird pictures [perhaps I am over-compensating for no Eagle pictures]. I'll keep trying for the Eagles...
(Click on a photo to view a larger image).


  1. Great photo's Robert!
    I seen eagles in the wild at Lake Red Rock near Knoxville, Iowa in November. What an awesome sight!!

  2. Fantastic shots!!!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Great photos despite not being eagles! I'm sure you will get "that" picture eventually and we will look forward to seeing it!

  4. Well you may not have gotten eagles this time, but you took some wonderful "other" bird pictures. I especially like your gull! Hopefully you'll get your eagle next time.

  5. These are wonderful bird photos... I esp like the gull and the robin, fantastic close-ups! We have so many raptors out here and I keep hoping I will get a good shot, but to be honest, I haven't put forth a solid effort yet!