Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pipe Organ

This is a photo of the pipe organ in our church, Trinity Episcopal Parish. I'm sure there is a colorful history that goes along with the instrument, but I'm not familiar with the story. I'll have to ask... In the mean time enjoy the photo. It's an old organ so I used an "antique browning" to convey that in the photo. The photo below is the original (before I played with it in Lightroom2).

Oh no...that's 2 days in a row I posted 2 pictures for the "photo" of the day. It's OK today though 'cause technically it's the same photo - just different effects. At any rate enjoy...
(Click on the photo(s) for a larger view of the image).


  1. I can't decide which photo I like more. The top one really gives it the "this has a lot of stories to tell" feel. And the original is neat too. I think it's a tie! ;)

  2. Beautiful photo's! You really come up with some great ideas!!
    To answer your question you left in a comment on my blog....we own a small plumbing business. 2/3 garage storage - 1/3 office/parts shelves...