Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pain in the...

 I had twisted my knee about a month ago and I thought it would just "get better".  Well - it didn't so I was lectured by my daughters and ratted out by my spouse (to the doctor) who made me confess to all my ailments when I went in to his office this morning.

He started with the knee - moving it and twisting it, and asking "Does this hurt?"  I don't think he saw my expression because he would have known - YES IT HURTS!!!

He talked me into a shot of cortisone.  He stuck me once - And, I thought that wasn't bad hardly felt it - then he started filling another syringe - I asked him, "Two?"  He told me the first one was just to numb up my knee - I asked my daughter who is a nurse about the numbing it before the shot and she just said, "Dad, you don't want to know." 

Another One?
The entire episode was a victory for me because if it's a needle and you call it a shot I pass out.  I thought perhaps if I kept my mind busy I could keep from fainting - so I took photos and checked my Facebook Account - must have worked 'cause I didn't pass out - a little dizzy now so I'll end this post....


  1. OMG you poor thing! Hope you're feeling better today ... I hear the word "cortisone" and I say the word "NO!" ...

  2. Only RAH would take a camera into the "operating room"!!! We're just glad it wasn't a colonoscopy!!!!!!!!!!!