Sunday, July 17, 2011

College Hill Arts Festival

I was volunteering at the Cedar Valley Chamber Music Festival Booth at the College Hill Arts Festival and took this photo of the booth right in front of where I was sitting.  There were a lot of exhibitors.  I talked to one Photographer who was exhibiting and he indicated that he paid over $30k a year in Exhibition Fees - guess I can take that venue off my list.  I assume he's making money because (1) he's still at it, (2) he does his own matting and framing, and (3) does his own printing with 2 Epson 44 inch printers (about 5k a piece).  Again - I need to look at other venues to sell my photographs...

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  1. Mary and I who are retired art teachers did some art-craft sales early in our careers with a combination of both our artworks. It is a very hard way to make a profit. Can be hot, cold, wet, humiliating, tiring, frustrating, and just downright grueling if done on a consistent basis. As I told many an art student when teaching secondary art in the public schools, it is very hard to live off your own art. You shouldn't quit your day job. That is why teaching art is a good supplementary financial base and still be able to produce your own individual art and not starve. Steve Wikert