Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo Seminar

I went to a Photography Seminar yesterday sponsored by the Linn Area Photo Club.  Canon provided our presenter,  George D. Lepp (a Canon Photographer who kept nearly 300 people mesmerized with his photos, stories,  and techniques.

I picked up a new program, Rays, where you can add Rays to a photograph.  Here I added rays coming out of the Baptismal Font adding a different feel to the photograph. 

I also learned some new HDR techniques, some focusing and depth of field tricks and a lot of other ideas I am anxious to try.  Of course if I were to buy every piece of equipment he suggested, near as I can tell, it would be about $20K.  I'll stay on the low, low end.  I will definitely get a time lapse trigger for my camera, and possibly a lightening trigger - both are pretty cool.  So - stay tuned.



  1. Love this photo- it really pops with the rays and adds some depth in meaning. Great job!