Thursday, March 3, 2011

Veteran War Memorials

World War 2 Memorial
I visited the memorials in Washington DC yesterday.  As I was sitting on a bench next to the Korean War Memorial I was reflecting on the speakers we had this week at the Credit Union Convention. We had the Speaker of the House Speak and a host of Senators and Representatives.  All of them spoke to the looming deficits and that we, as a country must deal with it. What struck me is that both parties used verbiage, "...doesn't matter what side of the isle... this is a problem we all need to address."

Why do we have to have an isle?  Instead of Republicans or Democrats can't we have just Americans in each chamber?  As I visited each one of the memorials I realized that there probably weren't any Democrats or Republicans in the foxholes in WW2, Korea or Vietnam - just scared American kids.  Just like we have scared American kids in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the globe.  It's going to take Americans to fix our economy and frankly I don't care what party affiliations Congress might have - get in a room and get to work and get rid of the isle...
Korean War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial


  1. thanks for sharing your DC trip! Someday I will get there!
    I agree with your comments-totally!!

  2. Well said!!!! Great pictures too.