Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time For Another Squirrel Story

It's Here Somewhere

The Last member of the Maynard Avenue Squirrel Gang was foraging for food yesterday.  He has learned to be careful since the other members of the gang are no longer around to stand watch.  He is ever vigilant as rival gangs roam the neighborhood - the Nasty Blue jay Gang, the Cranky Crow Gang, and the occasional carnivorous Hawk Gang.  Oh and the sometimes Pissed Off Possum wanders through as well.

It's tough to be a lone squirrel. 

He has been seen observing the birds feeding and he has made copious notes as to the location of dropped morsels.  And, when the time is right he scurries out - digs frantically, chomps a bit and then checks around - chomps a bit more - but, what was that?  He doesn't care what it was - better safe then sorry so he scampers off.

He does this routine all day - I hope he meets another single squirrel and then they can revive the Maynard Avenue Gang and share the foraging duties...

What's That I Hear?
Outta Here!

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  1. I hope the gang gets back together too! Little rascals... We have this in our neighborhood too. Today the snow is melting- preparing for another download I'm sure :) Wonderful story. Have a great day!