Saturday, February 19, 2011


Anne Bancroft
26 Years ago my spouse and I purchased 7 pieces of art depicting Anne Bancroft, Theda Berra, and the Artist Kathy S.  They have hung in every home we have lived in and are displayed prominently in the living room.  It just wouldn't be our home without this art.

If you can remember back 26 years ago - in the world of graphic arts - there was film you could purchase, cut up and shape to make camera ready art - screens for printing.  That's the material she used...  there was an 8th in the series - one of Lucille Ball with red lips - but it went missing before we acquired the set.

I'm not sure if Kathy follows my Photo A Day Blog or not, but if she does - I just want her to know how much we have enjoyed her work over the years.  Thanks Kathy...

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