Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Day 2011

Waterloo Eagle
As has been my custom the last couple of years on New Years Day I go out hunting for Photo Opportunities to record a photo for the beginning of a new year.  The sunrise - while colorful, was boring.  The sun was bright - the sun glistened - there were white clouds and steam in the air. It was a January morning - cold - blood freezing cold, 112 degrees below zero windchill cold.  Hanging onto a metal camera was freezing my hands....

I was about to call it quits when I decided to drive down by the Cedar River for one last look for a photograph.  Then an Eagle flew by...  Yes, an Eagle.  I gave chase and found him and a buddy sitting in a tree next to the river.  I took some photos and then sat there waiting for them to take flight.  They didn't - they seemed content to sit.  I imagine they took off as soon as I left and I went straight to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy better gloves!!

A good start to 2011...

Content To Sit

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