Saturday, October 16, 2010

Camping With Family and a Bug or Two

Stew Cooking On The Fire
Peak Weekend for Colors
We are at Briggs Woods in Webster City, Iowa camping with my Aunt and cousins.  Those that know me will wonder "Camping?" Since the Holiday Inn is generally as rough as I want to go.  On the plus side we are not in a tent and on the ground, but in a cabin and in a bed.  On the downside there is no running water and the potty is down the trail, but again on the good side the stew cooked on the campfire was delicious, and spending time with family has made me feel warm on the inside, as the fire was warming my toes.  I can hardly wait until tomorrow when I can do some exploring, and take some more photos.  If y'all are wondering how I can post from the "woods" - I am using a VirginMobile Broadband2go USB Connection to access the internet.  If I couldn't connect here I'd have to go into town to the coffee shop and find a wireless connection so I wouldn't miss a day of posting.  I will post more photographs - but, for now, I'm trying not to think about having to go the bathroom... damn, I thought about to run...

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