Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Floating Down the Mississippi

Helen and I went to Galena, Illinois [to discover a lot of the shops are closed Mondays and Tuesdays], and then on to the Port of Dubuque where we visited the recently renovated river museum and aquarium.  As we were purchasing tickets the girl at the desk said, "$36 please".  I inquired about a military discount and she said they had one for active duty, and asked if I was active duty.  I was flattered to think that she thought this old fat fart was still on active duty, but I told her, "No, but that I did 30 years of active duty".

"Oh my...", she said, paused and then continued, "It's a stupid rule - $12 please."

"Are you sure?"

"Yep...enjoy the museum."

I will say she was the highlight of the day.  We watched the 4D Film on Sharks and that was, well, interesting.  Oh - what is the 4th D?  You feel it - when the sharks get close, in addition to the 3D effect - the seat wiggled and water sprinkled...!!  I do wish they had forewarned me BEFOREHAND as I had a camera in hand and didn't appreciate getting it wet.  Helen threw her body over the camera to protect it, so all was well. [I'm kidding about Helen throwing her body...]

Boy - did I digress from the photo - the couple pictured is floating down the Mississippi on the "Riff-Raft" and canoes.  They stop along the way to explore, camp and meet people.  Their craft doesn't look very river worthy, but they seemed determined.

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