Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grandpa's Crafts

Craft Table
We've had 2 granddaughters all week and for the most part Grandma has been in charge of crafts and entertainment.  (Although Grandpa was in charge of taking in the "snake show" [refer to my other blog for details]).  Last night Ania and Grandpa worked on making photo weaves - she's better than grandpa, or at least quicker.  The granddaughters will be taking home a lot more "stuff" than they came with, but that's what grandparents are for...

Today they tell me that a hawk was chasing one the finches who feeds at our feeder.  I think the finch knew what he was doing, but he took at dive at our picture window with the hawk right on his tail and at the last moment veered away from the window.  The hawk, on the other hand, not knowing the window was there, plowed right into the window making a big thud and left feathers floating in the air.  He shook it off and went to hunt elsewhere.  Sure wish I'd been here to get a picture - but who would have been ready anyway.  Will miss the girls when they go - it's been fun and they've been good.

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