Monday, July 12, 2010

Saddleback Dragonfly

My grandson James called the other day and wanted to make sure that I brought my camera when I picked him up for his week long visit.  It seems he had discovered a dragonfly in a spider's web and he wanted me to take a picture.  The above is a "painted" version of the photograph - both James I think its cool.

For the purists here is the original photo.


  1. Hey Robert - love the blog! I'm doing something similar, a year in photos. Do you know of any good groups / networks to join, of other people doing the same thing? I have to admit, I'm doing it somewhat in isolation, but I've suddenly realised I should probably network a bit! :)

    My blog is at - though your photos are a lot better than mine :)

  2. Great capture. This is outstanding.