Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grand Opening Iowa City Armory

We had to travel to Iowa City yesterday to get Helen's Military Dependents ID Card updated for her medical insurance. We went to where we "thought" the armory was - but it wasn't there as it had fallen victim to the 2008 floods. A couple of strangers gave us directions to the new armory and when we arrived - there was a grand opening ceremony going on. As we drove in the gate the flag was going up, there were soldiers saluting, civilians rendering honors and TV Cameras running. Perfect timing we thought - no way were we going to get an ID Card. But, the ID Card guy was more than happy to help us so he didn't have to listen to all of the speeches. I snapped this picture of a retired major general on horseback. I have to say it was the most entertaining ID Card trip we've every had...

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