Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shopping at Target


Purple Flowers

Red Pepper

We went grocery shopping last evening at Target and the colors in the produce isle were just vivid - worthy of a photograph. But, I had a dilemma - no camera. But, wait... my iPhone is also a camera and I have a gazillion (exaggerated for effect) photography apps so I decided to use my iPhone to take some photographs.

I did learn a lesson - when taking photos of produce in the case - every so often a fine watery mist is sprayed over the produce - so, if you are taking a closeup with your head nearly in the case - well, I'll let you imagine what happened. I do believe a few people who were wondering what I was up to to got a laugh...
(Click on a photo to view a larger image).


  1. Great colors, I love the selective use and high saturation

  2. Great photo's Robert.
    I too have used my Blackberry phone quite a bit. I sometimes forget I have a camera on my phone!
    Take care and hope you are all over your flu now!

  3. Your phone did a great job! Mine is not good at all. I love photographing peppers too - so much color.