Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sometimes the Photos Just Come to You

Sometimes the photographs just come to you. As I was driving into my driveway the Sheriff had a young man bent over the hood of the squad car searching his pockets. Moments later, I assume an undercover officer, arrived and got into the guys face. And, again, moments later another squad car arrived. Now if I were to make up a story based upon what I observed at the end of my driveway, this young man had either purchased drugs or sold drugs and was observed doing so by the undercover officer. When asked to stop the young man didn't until he was in front of my driveway where he was searched, cuffed, had his car searched and then towed. Or...he could have had open warrants, didn't stop and his piece of crap van died at the end of my driveway. Whatever the story - what was I supposed to do? I had a camera - and it was taking place right in front if me. So, I took pictures... In the event it really was an undercover officer I won't publish that photo. PS I live in a good neighborhood - the riff-raff just got caught here...
(In the event you want to view a larger image - just click on the photo).

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  1. Sometimes the pictures are delivered right to your front door step!!
    Great photo of the police in action!!