Friday, June 5, 2009

The Outstanding Prize Award

Last December I entered the above photo in the 2009 Yamanashi Japan Sister State Photo Exhibition and Contest. The entries were displayed in a joint exhibition held during the 8th annual Yamanashi Citizens' Festival of Art and Culture.

There were 91 photographs entered from the State of Iowa, 17 from Chung Cheong Buk in South Korea, 16 from Saone-et-Loire in France and 12 from Minas Gerais in Brazil.

My photo, "Harvest Time" was awarded the Outstanding Prize and they sent the above pictured medal along with the certificate. It made my day...


  1. WOW
    That is so awesome.
    Beautiful photo!!
    You really deserved this award!!!

  2. Bravo,
    Am happy for the "harvest Time" that was awarded. It really tell how perfect you are with your photos.
    Good job Hill.

  3. Very cool. Now I can say I know an award-winning photographer! :)

  4. Robert, that is wonderful! What an honor - it must make you feel so good about the fruits of your labor.

    To celebrate, I think you need to take your wife out for a nice dinner and a stop at the yarn shop!

    Seriously, that is so awesome. You must be thrilled.

  5. That is so wonderful! It's an excellent picture, I can see why you were awarded the prize.

  6. Congratulations Robert!

    And what an interesting and varied and surprising list of places involved.


  7. Very nice photo and recognition! Congratulations, Robert!!!

  8. That is SO cool, and well it should make your day! Congrats!!!

    I just entered two photos into a contest for the cover of SuperLooper magazine (team roping competition). It's the first time I have ever entered any of my photos for anything. I want to start doing stuff like this more! :)