Saturday, May 16, 2009

Minnesota Mobile Home

We've been visiting in Minnesota the last several days and I have shot at least 150 photographs. The difficulty is now which one do I use for the photo of the day? I have chosen to go with a bit of levity, so pictured above is a Minnesota Mobile Home (my apologies to any Minnesotan who may see this - but with all the Iowa jokes...).

To view a series of other photos you can visit my Flicker Photos.
(Click on the photograph to view a large image).

1 comment:

  1. Ummmm, glad I don't live in that.... Cool photo, Robert!

    I got no photos from my night away with my sister - We were in a beachfront hotel on the boardwalk on the 23rd floor and the fog was so thick that the window in our room looked like it was painted white. Unlike you, I have no photos, notta one, to commemorate our getaway.

    I like this one you shot!