Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Robin Condo

A Robin condo. This is really quite an engineering feat as they have bulit their nest on a round platform. I don't have the heart to knock it down, so I will let nature takes its course. I'll also keep the light off so the eggs don't cook...
(Click on the photo for a larger image).


  1. great you safe the nest!! and let the nature takes its course!

  2. Awh, how cool that you will protect them! My hubby isn't so fond of bird nests in the house rafters, usually barn swallows. They do tend to make a bird poopy mess on the floor below... :-)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my photo blog! I don't have the heart to abandon it entirely, but I was starting to have trouble keeping up with it. I know it will only get worse when I get a job and have an hour commute each way, every day! :-(

  3. What a strange place for a nest!! I prefer them in our trees!! We had one build under the eve where the rain gutters are and I wouldn't let the hubby knock it down and now my house brick is stained with bird poopie! Oh well.
    Take care and thanks for sharing!!
    Great pic!!

  4. Those silly birds! We have grackles who built a nest in our gutter above our back porch. We thought they would abandon it when it rained. They are still there! Determined little things.

  5. Great "capture" Robert, truly!! I am amazed at how nature works...

    I wonder if that "condo" has cable TV and wireless internet....