Thursday, April 30, 2009


Motion + Photo = video - that is what most people believe. Is it possible to depict motion in a still photo? Yes - take a picture of a 3 year old.

As a follow up to my post about the Robin's Nest. It appears that our Robins failed their course in engineering and their condo collapsed. The good news is that were no eggs in the wreckage on the driveway.
(Click on a photo to view a larger image).


  1. Oh bummer - I was hoping you'd be following the construction and moving in process, followed by the birth of the kids. Glad it happened before move-in day, though.

    Love the motion photo above! I have to really get much better with adjusting the shutter speed to capture things like that.

    Hope you're saving for that zoom lens!!! I think my next purchase is a macro lens...

  2. Robert, excellent motion photo!! Sorry about the robin's nest, but at least no eggs were splattered on the driveway below!! Hope they choose a safer place to build next time!
    Take care and thanks for sharing all your wonderful photo's with us!!

  3. Fantastic motion shot!! I´m sorry about the nest!

  4. LOL - 3 year olds are in constant motion! Hopefully the robins choose more wisely in their next nest builiding endouver.