Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eagle Search

Continuing the Eagle Search my wife and I went back to the park. This time we did find a tree with about 20 Eagles. They pretty much stayed there and didn't give me much of an opportunity for a photo. I snapped the one above as an Eagle was coming in for a landing. Now - I'm lusting after a 100 mm-400 mm Zoom lens with a 25 mm extension tube so that I can get close with the camera - without being closer physically.
(Click on the photo to view a larger image).


  1. I hear ya on the 400mm zoom lens. ME TOO!!!

  2. Great photo, Robert.
    I would love to have up to a 400mm zoom lens too, but the budget just doesn't allow it right now :-(

  3. Nice capture!

    From the News on 6, here is a Bald Eagle nest camera to take a look at:

    I've been checking it for a couple weeks, and it's been interesting to see the Eagles interact, bring fish and other goodies to the nest; and the first egg hatched a couple weeks ago.

  4. great wish for such a big lens!!
    Can´t wait to see more eagle shots!

  5. Even without a zoom lens that is a great shot! Love the silhouette.

  6. man. i wish i lived where there were eagles. nice shot.