Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wall Writing

I don't read graffiti so I have no idea what this says - but, its style captured my attention.
(Click on the photo for a larger view of the image).


  1. Some graffiti is so beautiful. I never could read them either!
    Great photo. Happy Tuesday to you.

  2. I like it, esp the angle. And how in the world did you get your banner shot on the highway?! Looks like you are standing in traffic! :)

  3. Nice capture! I always see the graffiti from the road and would risk life and limb by attempting to photograph it! I wonder sometimes how they paint the graffiti where they do!

    I too want to know, like Oz Girl, how you shot that photo of the highway!

  4. To those who are curious I took pictures while I was driving. I focused on infinity and held the shutter down and took about a dozen pictures (while keeping my eyes on the road). No time for proper framing, focusing, or other stuff - this was the best - not bad. PS Shhhh don't tell my wife I took pictures while driving!!!