Sunday, March 1, 2009


This was a sculpture/fountain in the lobby of the Continuing Education Building on the Kirkwood Junior College Campus in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

here is another view...
(Click on the photo(s) for a larger view of the image).


  1. I like the movement of the water in the 2nd shot... oh, and I think my husband has us connected to DSL? I know when I brought my new iMac with me, we had to increase the speed as videos were not loading fast enough (they still don't!) I had cable hook-up in Ohio and it worked great.

  2. Love the water capture. Pretty fountain!

  3. The fountain is lovely but I love the second shot showing the water - really, really cool photo!

    Thanks for the Scrabble help. My husband was so far ahead of all of us, that I didn't sweat the fact that I was going to be deducting 13 points at the end. Zolt should be a word though.....

  4. Beautiful fountain and great water shot!!