Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Someone (my youngest daughter) didn't want her picture taken. Here's a picture of her foot...

Brief survey- I have posted this photo at a lower resolution, so when you click on the photo you do not get the screen filling version as I have previously posted. Which do you prefer, larger version, this version, or does it make a difference? It doesn't make a difference to me... post a comment and let me know... thank you (1) for visiting, and (2) for the comments...


  1. I usually click on the photos to make them bigger so I can see more detail. That is my preference, although I know sometimes my photos don't always post that way, however if you were to force a choice out of me, I'd say I like the photos to fill the screen!

    Great shot of her shoe and her jeans from the knee down!

  2. Nice photo, even if its only her foot!! They don't co-operate ALL the time!!

  3. My photo for today is a similar shot, only because I cropped it. I like photos like that, even if she wasn't cooperating! :)

    About the size of the photo, I also click on the photo to enlarge it.

    Before I upload a photo to blogger, I resize the image with Microsoft Windows PowerToys, so I have a photo that is large enough for viewing, but not the huge original file.

  4. I like the photo, love the white and blue colors.

    I like clicking to shows the details.