Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tree Rings

There is an area behind the Credit Union where I work called Hope Martin Park which is prone to flooding. When the creek overflows its banks the flood gates are closed and the park fills up with water. Last year there was 20 feet of water covering the entire park. With the recent snow melt the creek started to rise and the flood gates were closed. The weather changed, it became freezing again and the flooding stopped. When the gates opened this is the view - a frozen ring of ice indicates how deep the water had become overnight. Rings on trees - a perfect valentine picture. (ok - that might be a stretch).
(Click on the photo to view a larger image).


  1. How cool are those rings...bad pun I know. But it's a neat capture!

  2. Great photo!! You really come up with some COOL photo's!!
    Take care and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!!