Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Rose

Paid a return visit to Crazy Girls Yarn Shop in Cedar Falls and of course took my camera to take a few pictures. They had a gorgeous bouquet of roses so I took a picture. It seems, however, that I'm not the only person taking pictures in the yarn shop...

This is Linda taking a picture of one her projects that she will add to the website
(As always - click on the photo for a larger view of the image).


  1. Great photo's!!
    You see people taking pictures about every where now!!

  2. Pretty rose! What a great store!

  3. Did you give that lovely rose to your wife? Great photos! I like to take the camera with me too but it embarrasses my kids....

    Hope you had a really nice weekend - I am getting ready to resume my knitting in about 10 minutes, after I pay my blog visits!

  4. Hey I really like the rose, but I LOVE the top picture of the steam and...? the bridge. and thank you for following my blog