Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Psychotic Clown

I was "clowning around" (pun intended) last night running around the house looking for "photo ops" and took this picture. Now, I'd love to tell you how I composed the photo, the exposure, ISO and all the technical stuff, but the fact of the matter it's a mistake. But, I like it. It has an ominous and ghost like feel to it and is a little scary. Even mistakes make good photos (sometimes).
(Click on the photo for an even larger view of the psychotic clown.)


  1. Robert I personally find that my best photographs are often mistakes - I think we should discard of rules...pointless and often frustaring.

  2. Um, this only reinforces why clowns are scary to me. Love the shot though, it actually adds to the creepiness of the clown face.

    Funny how your mistake turned into an excellent capture!

  3. That's no mistake - clowns are scary! Even though I am not a fan of clowns, this is an excellent picture, great shot!

  4. Great photo, though it is a scary clown!!! I'm also not a fan of clowns!