Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Shannon Meets the Men in Purple

A short story - our Priest's wife Denise works in the Waterloo School District with special needs kids, and one of her students is Shannon.  Shannon goes to school every day dressed in University of Northern Iowa Purple.  According to her Mother, "She has every UNI shirt that exists."

I overhead her Dad telling the players that part of the rug in her room is the old astroturf from the Dome.  This girl loves the team, watches and goes to the games and wears purple EVERY DAY.  

Denise had mentioned this to Fr. Mitch, who knew a guy, who knew a guy and low and behold 4 of the players agreed to meet Shannon.  They gave her a signed football, and shared stories, asked her questions and answered hers.  It was a pleasure to be there and watch as she came down the hall and saw these 4 VERY large men in purple jerseys waiting to meet her.  It was a good end to the day...

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  1. Great story! Teachers try to do these kinds of things for kids everyday! And you know we like anything UNI purple!
    The Burlington Joneses