Monday, March 8, 2010

Bird Feeder

I added a bird feeder yesterday to a stand we have in front of the house. The neighbor across the street has several bird feeders and yesterday there was a wood pecker pecking away making a perfect photo op. I pulled out my 100 mm - 400 mm lens when it dawned on me that people might think I was looking into their windows. So, I added my own bird feeder. A friend of mine who feeds birds says I should be patient as the word will spread among the bird community that there is food at the Hills...I anxiously await the photo ops!!


  1. Looks good, Robert. Fill that birdbath as well and the water will help attract customers to your cafe. If you really want some woodpeckers, add some peanut butter smeared on a branch or tree trunk. LJ

  2. Great photo, Robert.
    I got a woodpecker to visit when I put a peanut feeder out.
    I have had a lot of fun watching the birds this winter and it seems once they find out you have food it won't take long for some birds to visit!
    Take care