Friday, June 26, 2009


I've got my 40th High School Class Reunion coming up next week (I know I don't look that old) and I will be taking "portrait style" photographs of those who attend. I've been playing around with 2 different backgrounds, the black and white checkered, and all black. I don't really want to switch back and forth, so I need to decide which one to use - so I thought I'd ask y'all. Which one do you like? I kinda like the BW Checkered - I graduated in 1969 it the checkered just seems to fit that era. Thoughts?

My wife took the top 2 photos - perhaps a budding photographer?

I did this one...
(Click on a photo to view a larger image).


  1. Hi Robert. Great idea about the portrait shots. The checkered does look cool, but part of it is because you have a solid colored shirt. I think if your classmates have any kind of other pattern to what they are wearing, it may clash a bit. Any way you can bring both? I know it would be a bit cumbersome.

  2. I don't like that black and white, Dad. It is so busy that it distracting from the people in the picture.

  3. I like the black background. Makes the person stand out more. The checked is cool though!
    Great photo's. You better watch out if the photo bug catches with your wife. You will have to fight for CAMERA time!!